Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pencil Grip

The traditional handwriting pencil grip uses a three finger pincer grip. It causes calluses, bent finger flanges, and fatigue when writing a great amount. The D'nealian handwriting grip eliminates the above problems. The pencil is placed between the index and middle finger with the shaft of the pencil resting at the apex of the hand. The thumb gently presses against the pencil holding it in place. The hand slides along the fingertips or nails of the fingers. The D'nealian pencil grip is also favored by Dr. Rosemary Sassoon the U.K.'s leading handwriting expert.

-Mr. D'nealian


KateGladstone said...

With all the claims and counterclaims about handwriting methods, will your blog ever say anything to compare/contrast your program with others that claim to have equal or greater advantages?

Also, the blog might make a great place to inform the public about other important handwriting questions, such as whether cursive even matters. I hope you will raise these issues that mt not get the public's ear otherwise.

Anonymous said...

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emma jacob said...

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Anonymous said...

Does this program include lessons to teach students how to form their letters using the correct wording etc? Thanks!

Unknown said...

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